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The structure of the Meridian Cavalry includes the KEqM (Kingdom Equestrian Marshal) and an advisory council to the KEqM that serve at the whim of the KEqM.
This includes:

Kingdom Earl Marshal - Sir Morgan Ironheart - Responsible for all Martial activities in the Kingdom of Meridies including the Equestrian program.  Responsible to make sure that all aspects of the Meridian martial programs comply with Kingdom and Society rules.

  • Kingdom Equestrian Marshal (KEqM)  - Sir Wulfric Peverel - Deputy to the Kingdom Earl Marshal in equestrian affairs.  Is responsible for the administration of Kingdom equestrian activities and to insure that the kingdom adheres to society rules.
    • Commander of Cavalry - Sir Richard of Rae Fen - Advisory role and advocate for martial activities. This includes the jousting and mounted combat and any future activities that fall into this category.

    • Mistress of the Horse - Lady Elisenda - Advisory role and advocate for non-martial activities.  This includes the mounted games, emprises, any other activities of a non-martial nature and future non-martial activities.

    • Provost of Meridian Horse - Mistress Ellawin of Eaglewood - Advisory role and advocate for training, education, research and classes. This role deals with the foundation of the Meridian Cavalry program.

Special Marshals can be created and removed at the whim of the KEqM on an as needed basis.  These special marshals are called Authorization Standards Marshal's and can perform a variety of roles and tasks as designated by the KEqM.

  • Authorization Standards Marshal

    THL Lady Svana Mjobeina - Reporting Deputy for the Mentone, AL practices.  In charge of reporting and ensuring Meridian and society standards for the Northern Cavalry practices in Mentone, AL.  Voice of the KEqM for the Northern Practice.

    Lord Logan Silveraxe - Various duties on an as needed basic. 

These advisory and advocate roles will change from KEqM to KEqM. The primary function of the advisory council is safety officers. They also serve as advocates to areas of interest in the equestrian program and will advise the KEqM of any concerns or issues within those areas. They will also work at promoting those aspects of the program.



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